Steampacket Hotel Nelligen

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Caravan & Boat Storage

Why go to all that bother of towing your Caravan or Boat all the way up and down the Clyde?


Steampacket storage is extremely popular with caravaners as they can store their caravan during the times that they are not on the road and retain their storage space when they are on the road. Steampacket storage is not expensive and offers flexible access.


If your boat is on a trailer, why not consider Steampacket storage? Steampacket storage is really flexible in that you only need rent the space month-to-month and can come and go as you like. Steampacket storage offer access hours that will suit early pick-up and late drop-offs.

 Caravan and Boat storage

Storage Rates

Duration Cost
Day $8.00
Week $40.00
Month $140.00
3 Months $340.00




Our storage center is fully secure, contact us today on (02) 4478 1066 for more details.


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  • Pure Blonde
  • Reschs Draught
  • Tooheys Old
  • Victoria Bitter
  • Tortured Gum Brewery